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[ FortiGate-3950B Datasheet ]

FortiGate-3950B Security Appliance

UTM and Next Generation Firewall combined network security appliance FortiGate-3950B provides intrusion prevention system (IPS), application security, on-board sandboxing, anti-virus and anti-malware protection along with other security features. They offer unmatched performance, flexibility, and security for your large enterprise or service provider networks.


Product Name FortiGate-3950B
FMC slots 5
Firewall Throughput 1518 Bytes 20 - 120 Gbps
Firewall Throughput 512 Bytes 20 - 120 Gbps
Firewall Throughput 64 Bytes 20 - 120 Gbps
Firewall Max Concurrent Session 20 M
Firewall New Sessions per second 250 K
IPS Throughput 20 Gbps
IPSec Throughput 512 Byte Packet 8 - 50.5 Gbps
Antivirus Throughput (Proxy) 4 Gbps
Antivirus Throughput (Flow) 15 Gbps
Total Network Interfaces 2 x 10-GbE SFP+ and 4 x SFP FortiASIC-accelerated port, 2 x 10/100/1000 port
Total Storage Capacity 256 GB


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